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Understanding Your Credit Reports and Scores

There are many reasons it's vital you understand how credit reporting and scoring works. But Christians should be particularly concerned about their credit standing because it is a reflection of their character...

5 Reasons You Need a Contingency Fund

A Contingency Fund (CF) is an emergency fund that you can get your hands on at a moment’s notice. No matter how much debt you have or how low your income, you need to be building a CF...

I Owe What?

The Sweet Taste of Debt

It was a hot September day in 1991 when my life changed forever. I was a freshman at Palm Beach Atlantic University on my way to an 11 am class. On my way to class, I came across some people representing Citibank credit cards. They were offering a free candy bar if I would fill out an application for a credit card...

  • Steve Scalici, CFP(r) |
  • March 21, 2008 |
  • comments
The Sub-Prime Crisis: How Do Christians Behave in Tough Times?

Too many believers equate Christianity with the good life and blessings of consumerism. Clearly, we have forgotten that Christianity has always been countercultural, thriving not in times of great prosperity, but in times of moral or economic bankruptcy...

Facing Financial Infidelity

While not all financial infidelity reaches the tens of thousands, money secrets between partners can grow into barriers of serious proportion...

Tithing is Biblical

The en vogue issue of tithing being a matter of law in a community of grace misses the mark on several points.

Should Christians Have Credit Cards?

There is a legend -- whether urban, suburban or rural -- about credit cards. It's brief and goes like this: A person must have one.

Retirement 101: A Quick Course for 30-Somethings

The Bible is replete with stories of old guys and gals who did great things. So, let me share a few thoughts to help you get a perspective on retirement planning...

Avoiding Foreclosure – And Bitterness, Too

After years of upward mobility, Tripp and I rode out a business failure by refinancing our house. By the time we realized the wiser response would be to downsize, it was too late...

How to Win the Credit Card Game

It’s time to get it out in the open. Credit-card companies are in it for the money and they are doing a bang-up job of making it...

Life Lessons from an Investor's $10,000 Mistake

I want to start this month with a story. Unfortunately, it's a true story that needs to be told so that hopefully, you won't make the same mistake I made...

  • Steve Scalici, CFP(r) |
  • February 22, 2008 |
  • comments
4 Ways to Get More Books for Your Bucks (And Vice Versa)

This year, I've resolved to get rid of something I own before buying something new. As an avid reader, I am pleased to find the Internet is the perfect place not only to unload my old books, but also find those on my “to-read” list for cheap...

  • Kristen Bergman |
  • February 18, 2008 |
  • comments
Passing on the Plate: Why Your Congregation May not be Tithing

It's a growing trend among laity that churches need to be aware of: while Joe Believer understands that giving is a biblical mandate, he questions whether a 10 percent 'tithe' is really a New Testament idea.

Fast for a Financial Breakthrough

10 Common Tax Mistakes

Most taxpayers submit tax returns or extension requests by April 15, but not all taxpayers submit error-free returns...

Is the Price of Being Sick Making You Sick?

ABC News reported that, in 2007, the average family of four with PPO insurance coverage still spent around $5,100 per year in co-pays, premiums, and deductibles. What can you do to minimize your health care expenses?

The Link Between Freedom and Economic Prosperity

A recent country-by-country survey of how free people are worldwide to direct their own economic fortunes repeatedly demonstrates the vital link between freedom and prosperity.

To Give, Or Not to Give

Republican Senator Charles Grassley's current inquiry into the spending habits of six prominent televangelists, coupled with recent revelations about financial misdeeds at Oral Roberts University, is causing legitimate concern at every level of faith ministry...

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