A federal jury convicted Bernard Ebbers, head of WorldCom of fraud.  In the days leading up to his trial, Ebbers declared to his friends at Easthaven Baptist Church that, "I just want you to know you aren't going to church with a crook."  Apparently they were. 

Tom DeLay, a congressman who has often been identified as a born-again Christian was indicted for money laundering.  The charges forced him to resign as his political party's leader in the House of Representatives. 

No one is immune from “can’t get enoughitus.”  As long as we choose to be discontented with what God has given us, we are all susceptible to falling in the money trap as Lay, Ebbers, and DeLay did. 

So how do we avoid falling into the money trap?  If we make our relationship with The Lord the focus of our lives, then having more things will become less important to us.  When we are busy getting to know Jesus and serving him, then we have less time to look around and see what others have that we want.  Our main purpose becomes doing God's will and not accumulating things that we can't take with us.  In the long run, we will be much more content because no possessions can satisfy us like having fellowship with our Savior.  

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