8. It reminds me I’m not in control

I think that being wealthy (living in a wealthy country) gives us an unrealistic sense that we have total control over our destinies. And while I do believe we have a great deal of control in our lives, the truth is not everything is in our hands. And I’m actually much happier when I can admit that I don’t have control over everything.

9. It gives me walkaway power

I know this sounds like the opposite of number 8, but sometimes I feel so bossed around by the consumer world that we live in. Advertisers convince me that I’m unhappy, and that I won’t be happy until I buy their product, and as stupid as it seems, I actually start to believe them! But something crazy happens when I don’t have money. I see something I want, and walk away because, well, I can’t afford it. It makes me feel pretty powerful, like I have more control over my life than the “market” does.

10. It teaches me to be generous

If nothing else, I pray that these seasons of living with less give me compassion for people who live with less than I do (because no matter how “broke” I feel, there are always people who’s resources are even more limited than mine). And I hope the compassion I have runs so deep that I am quick to share my resources with those who are in need, no matter how much, or little, I have.

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