Gift cards

I found a couple of gift cards which only had a few dollars on. I remembered reading about an organization that collects used gift cards. I looked it up and came across They accumulate the cards and then give them to people or organizations with needs. Some of their success stories include a family driving from Alabama to Boston for medical treatment being matched with Gas Cards and a women’s shelter in need of undergarments for their residents matched with unused Victoria’s Secret gift cards.

Cell phones

Cleaning out my draws I found a couple of old phones. One I gave away to a friend who had broken her phone and couldn’t afford a new one but that still left another two outdated phones. accepts donations of any phone, working or not, with or without accessories. The phones are either refurbished for sale or recycled safely. The money paid to the non-profit for recycled phones goes towards outfitting health workers.

As I’ve started to looking for places to send my “in case” items I’ve found that there is a non-profit that will take just about anything from eyeglasses to baby clothes to desk supplies and tennis balls. In most cases a simple Google search of “where can I donate X” has introduced me to some good charities in need of my excess. Realizing that my “in case” items can meet someone else’s need is revolutionizing the way I think about extra 25% I own.

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Publication date: April 25, 2014