24. Shop smart – pool coupons with others, plan a menu around what is on sale at the grocery store, buy in bulk if it is reasonable… etc…

25. Pray, with God anything is possible

26. Create a realistic, workable budget and stick with it. This blog has GREAT tips and ideas. Read, Read, Read.

27. Do whatever is possible and legal to increase your income short term and set goals to increase your base income long term.

28. Stay focused, stay disciplined, see the end, see yourself debt free. You can do it! It wont be pretty and it will be frustrating at times but you can do it. In other words, keep yourself encouraged

The one tip I am torn on is #29. It seems like this debate will live on as long as the chicken and the egg debate. I personally like Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball approach and generally recommend that for most people. I understand that mathematically it is better to pay off higher rates first, but the reason most people are in debt isn’t because they are bad at math, but that they are undisciplined and need all the motivation help they can get. If they quit halfway to their first goal, it doesn’t matter how much they saved by paying off the higher rates first. This is why I generally recommend the Debt Snowball approach. But, study it out for yourself and pick what you think will work for you.

29. Regardless of what anyone says about debt snowballs, etc…. pay off the highest interest rate first. Mathematically, you come out better

For additional information, I suggest reading the series I wrote about how to get out of debt.

Thanks Joe, Todd C, Redonno, John Finkelde, MJH, MINtheGap, Gholmes, Cyndie, and Joshua for your great tips!

Bob Lotich is the Founder of Christian Personal Finance, a resource dedicated to building God's Kingdom and helping others through money. He is also the Co-Founder of Blogging Your Passion

Publication date: August 29, 2012