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Christian Financial Advice and Biblical Stewardship

Out of the Dark Tunnel and into the Sunshine

Today, I am renewing my commitment to focus on only those things that are true, honorable, fair, just, pure, acceptable and lovely...

We Have New Credit Card Rules

In late 2008, the Federal Reserve Board, which oversees and regulates the credit card industry, cracked down on unfair and deceptive practices by credit card companies, including the fees and interest rate increases blamed for pushing Americans deeper into debt...

Save Up To $30,000 in 2009?

Here are some simple money-saving tips to help the average American family who earns between $40,000 and $100,000 save up to $30,000 in a single year.

How to Keep Your Current Job

As a previous employer, I have some thoughts you might find helpful if you are still employed but concerned that it may not stay that way...

Starting from Scratch When You're Single Again

When Janet's husband, D'Arcy, passed away, she discovered that the Holy Spirit is not only our comforter but also supplies the strength and wisdom needed to embrace the financial responsibilities of single life...

  • Sharon M. Knudson & Mary Fran Heitzman |
  • March 09, 2009 |
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Super Foods, Super Cheap

When you shop smart, healthy foods are no more costly than anything else in your grocery cart these days. In fact, in many cases they're cheaper...

The Cost of Clutter

For some of us, instead of focusing on getting out of debt, we need to first give more serious thought to becoming organized. Does that sound crazy, almost laughable? Before you start laughing too hard, look at these examples and see if you can relate...

Today's Great Fear: What if I Lose My Job?

As I write this, unemployment is at about seven percent and we’re being told that it may rise to nine percent or higher...

Keep Heat from Going Through the Roof

Soaring costs will still send our heating bills through the roof. Learn these easy ways to keep your heating costs down, and you'll be warm and snug until spring...

Debt-Free is the New Rich

Close your eyes and picture a life without any debt: no mortgage payments, credit card bills or auto loans. In today's shaky job market, the image holds particular appeal...

  • Steve Scalici, CFP(r) |
  • February 04, 2009 |
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Finding Freedom from Debt

Trusting God When Money Seems Scarce

How do we trust God when we're facing pay cuts, layoffs, rising bills, and declining home values?

Years of Plenty, Years of Famine

5 Reasons to Avoid Gift Cards

While the giver finds giving gift cards easy, some recipients don’t like them because they can be a real pain. Let me share a few things to consider before selecting a gift card this season...

  • Steve Diggs, No Debt No Sweat! |
  • December 20, 2008 |
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Being Light in the Midst of Financial Darkness

Throughout history there have been extraordinary events in which the Christian community has stood in stark contrast to the world, offering hope and pointing to the truth of a providential God. Such a time may be upon us and so the question occurs: will we be ready?

  • S. Michael Craven |
  • December 17, 2008 |
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How to Plan Wisely for Holiday Feasts and Fun

Now the holidays are upon us, and we love to celebrate with food. How can we enjoy our traditions, make our family favorites, graciously entertain, and save money on food during this holiday season?

Holiday Gifts from Your Kitchen

Now is the perfect time to create food gifts from your kitchen—items that you can make now that will hold up perfectly until it’s time to give them as gifts in December...

Conquer Your Student Debt

The good news is you can escape from student debt prison. But first you have to learn everything about the confusing world of student loans...

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