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How I Conquered the Debt Mountain

It's not easy to climb out of a difficult deep-in-debt situation, but it can be done. Here's my story.

  • Anonymous Sound Mind Investing Reader |
  • July 22, 2011 |
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Should Mom Go Back to Work?

Dear Deborah: Do you have any guidelines to help a mother decide if it is beneficial financially to go back to work once her child/children go to preschool or kindergarten?

How to Mess Up Your Financial Life

I just discovered a new way to foul up your finances: Feel good about your debt.

The Art of Simple Living

Too much stuff can leave too little room for God.

How to Develop a Lifestyle of Helping Others

Going through a hard time? Then help others who are struggling.

Save by Paying Yourself First

Despite your best intentions, it's easy to rationalize putting off starting to save.

Tapping Into the Odd and Powerful Force of Momentum

What’s normal in our world is to be overweight and in debt. If we’re going to be different, we’re going to need to be a little odd.

Where to Find Free or Nearly-Free Kids’ Movies This Summer

With the school season coming to an end, a parent’s thoughts quickly turn to, “what are we going to do with the kids all summer?”

Five Steps to Get Organized

I am declaring before each and every one of you, my dear readers, this is my year to get organized.

Money Lessons From an Old Toy Fire Truck

Researchers say people who value experiences tend to be happier than those who value things. But I don’t think that’s a lesson you can just slap on like cologne.

Little Ways to Save Big Money

Think you've cut your expenses all you possibly can? You might be wrong.

Radical Ways to Accomplish Your Financial Goals

Quite possibly, the most dramatic step I’ve heard of anyone taking to get his or her finances right is going on a spending fast.

Eight Things To Do With a Tax Refund

Plan now for how you'll manage your tax refund, or your refund could easily evaporate.

Using Your Severance Pay Wisely

Dear Deborah: I’m going to get a considerable amount of money from a severance contract soon. I want to have money set aside should I be out of work for awhile...

Can’t Build Savings? Yes, You Can

I believe there are many people who think they can’t save who actually could save.

  • Matt Bell, Author of "Money & Marriage" |
  • March 18, 2011 |
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Debtors’ Helper

In a time of tremendous personal debt, Dave Ramsey is at the forefront of a fast-growing financial stewardship movement.

  • Timothy Dalrymple, WORLD News Service |
  • March 11, 2011 |
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The Case against Frugality

As the recession dragged on, frugality came into vogue, and many commentators believed a new and lasting way of life had begun. That was then...

The Real Bottom Line of Money Decisions

In man's economy, financial advisers and experts can lead you through any financial need you face; but regardless of their expertise, their wisdom is no substitute for the wisdom of God.

Making Money From Home

Every morning, I roll out of bed about 6:30, take a shower, eat breakfast, read from the Word, and head to work. In my case, work is about five steps from the kitchen...

Seven Ways to Splurge on Your Spouse When Money is Tight

To splurge on each other does not mean heaping material blessings on your spouse, although you might take that approach once in a great while. Here are seven ways you can splurge on each other when money is tight.

  • Cindi and Hugh McMenamin |
  • February 07, 2011 |
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