Don’t let go until you have overcome “The Debtinator,” and you will be blessed.

If you need help in the get out of debt wrestling match, you may want to check out my Celebrating Financial Freedom get out of debt course. It will help you overcome the debt struggle most all of us face at some point in our lives.

The course will be available soon in an online format. You can sign up here to receive emails on its progress and find out when it launches.

Have you had any struggles while trying to gain debt freedom?

Article originally published on Celebrating Financial Freedom. Used with permission.

Dr. Jason Cabler is a Christian personal finance blogger, author, and speaker. He teaches how to get out of debt and live a debt free lifestyle through his Celebrating Financial Freedom blog and self study course. His new book How to Budget:The Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Budget That Works is now available (more info here). He can be reached for interviews or  speaking engagements by email, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

Publication date: April 3, 2013