With thanksgiving?  Huh?

How often, in the midst of a worrisome challenge, does your mind run toward all the things you’re grateful for?

It’s easy to draw inward when we’re worried, isn’t it?  To see only what needs fixing and none of what’s working well, all of the challenges and none of the opportunities.

I don’t mean to paint a smiley face on anything you’re worried about right now, or anything I’m worried about for that matter.  But gratitude is the path toward contentment, and contentment has a way of taking the sting out of worry.

So, as you think about what concerns you, take inventory of all that’s good about your life as well.

Take Action

I purposely put this suggestion last because so often it’s the first step we try to take.  Our culture has a heavy bias toward action.  But it’s only after we’ve talked to God and sought His guidance, after we’ve talked with a trusted friend, and after we’ve taken stock of all that’s good, that we can possibly think of a truly constructive action step.

What else have you found helpful in dealing with the things you worry about?


Matt Bell is the author of three personal finance books published by NavPress, including the brand new "Money & Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples."  He teaches a wide variety of workshops at churches, conferences, universities, and other venues throughout the country.  To learn more about his work and subscribe to his blog, go to: www.mattaboutmoney.com.