Thus we find ourselves in a never-ending financial fiasco. What's the solution?

There is no quick fix for mutilated finances. As the old adage says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." You went into debt one single step at a time, and you'll get out one step at a time.

Second-mortgaging and rolling balances to other credit cards are like putting a tourniquet on a slashed major artery -- slowing the blood flow will not keep the patient from bleeding to death!

If your debt load is draining your pockets, stop reaching for the

tourniquet and go for the stitches!

Five suggestions:

1) Stop using your credit cards -- anything you need a credit card for, a debit card will do with real live cash.

2) Ask the Lord to forgive you for any irresponsibility and to guide you to be a better manager of the finances with which He's blessed you.

3) Trim your expenses. Reduce or cancel your cable or satellite

television service; switch your cell phone to an emergency-only

package; brown bag your lunch. Remember: The money you save will be

your own!

4) Focus on one specific debt. If the regular payment is less than

$100, pay double every month. If it's more than $100, add an extra $50 to $100. Don't fluctuate -- choose the maximum you can pay and stick to it until the debt has been resolved; then decide on your next target.

5) Tithe. If you've been giving at least 10 percent to your church,

keep doing it. If you haven't been tithing, start now and see God

faithfully reward your obedience. (Read Malachi 3:6-18).


Judy Woodward Bates is a Christian speaker; author of The Gospel Truth about Money Management; and creator of Bargainomics(r), a Bible-based time and money management philosophy. Visit her website at:


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