With sites like Groupon and Restaurant.com, you never need to pay full price for entertainment.  Just make sure the availability of so many “deals” doesn’t tempt you to overspend.  Financial death by discount is not a good deal!


At the risk of sounding parental, take care of yourself. It is absolutely the best way to save on healthcare costs.

For a long time, I aspired to be a consistent runner, and strangely enough I think I’ve actually become one. You don’t need to run to maintain good health, but you do need to move.  Walk on a regular basis or ride your bike.

Oh, and eating healthy is a good idea, too.  One of the many blessings my wife brings to our family is her insistence on healthy eating.  She has gone a long way toward taming, or at least counter-balancing, my sweet tooth.

Surf For Savings

For just about anything you need or want to buy these days, there are discounts to be had.  Many times you can even double or triple dip on discounts. 

When we needed new tires for our van recently, I was able to apply three discounts to the purchase. First, I found the tires I wanted at a store offering a manufacturer’s rebate. Next, I pre-ordered the tires by visiting the store’s site by way of Ebates, which triggered a two percent rebate. And finally, I found a coupon code that created an additional discount just by searching on the name of the store and the words “coupon code.”

What are some of your favorite ways to spend smart?

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Publication date: October 22, 2012