Other benefits mentioned by MSN include discounted roadside assistance and insurance for lost or damaged luggage.  Here are a couple of other credit card perks.

Discounts. You may be accustomed to looking for coupon codes and searching for other discounts on the web.  Did you know that credit card companies offer their own discounts for various merchants?  Here are the programs offered by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Faith-based rewards. In an unapologetic mention of my primary sponsor, Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU), not only do their credit cards provide points that can be redeemed for travel or merchandise, but every time you use one of their cards CCCU also makes a donation to various Christian ministries.  To date, that amount has totaled nearly $3 million dollars.

Freebies. Of course, this is the benefit most people are familiar with.  While many credit card companies are becoming stingier with their reward programs, we recently got a new camcorder with a retail price of over $500 just by using points.

Bottom line?  There are financial advantages available to those who use credit cards responsibly.  Do you know about the various perks available from your credit card company?

March 10, 2010


Matt Bell is the author of two personal finance books published by NavPress: "Money, Purpose, Joy" (September 2008) and "Money Strategies for Tough Times" (April 2009).  He speaks at churches, conferences, universities, and other venues throughout the country.  To learn more about his work, visit his web site at www.MattAboutMoney.com.