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Christian Financial Advice and Biblical Stewardship

How Early Should You Open a Bank Account for Your Child?

If you have young children, remember it’s never too early to start them on a path to sound money management. Opening up a bank account can help them develop a habit of saving early on.

Is Your Car Insurance Going Up?

Shop around for a new car insurance policy every time you’re up for renewal! This is one sure way to get the best rates possible.

Cam I Claim my “Volunteer Time” as a Charitable Deduction?

Even though you can't deduct volunteer time as a charitable donation, every time you volunteer you can deduct mileage associated with your particular volunteer work, and unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses.

Selling Your Home?

Did you know that 94% of home-buyers start their home search online? If you're selling, make sure your home is on several sites.

Should I Sell My Old Home or Rent it Out?

If you’re in a position to carry two mortgage payments for a season, than it may be worth for you to consider becoming a landlord. If you’d be in trouble in the first few months, than you may be taking on too much risk!

When NOT to be Too Cheap!

Ever wonder which items to splurge on, to get the best deal for your money? Don't be afraid to spend more on kitchen appliances, a vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker, or a mattress.

Do You Know When Department Stores Discount?

Knowing the days when department stores discount items can help you save more money!

"No Closing Cost” Loan?

If you’re tempted to refinance your home, keep one thing in mind. You will always pay the closing cost.

Best Deals to Find in April

According to Consumer Reports, spring apparel, desktops, laptops, digital cameras, and mowers are at their lowest prices in the month of April!

Save Money on Clogged Drains and More!

From unclogging drains to getting wrinkles out of your clothes to being an all-purpose cleaner, both white and apple cider vinegar will do the trick!

Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies

Save money on laundry detergent by making your own for $0.20 / gallon! Use 3 basic ingredients to make either liquid or powder detergent: 1) Box of washing soda, 2) Box of Borax, 3) Bar of soap. Voila!

How to Build Up Liquid Assets?

You’re considered “liquid asset poor” if you have fewer than 3 months of livings expenses easily accessible.

What are Liquid Assets?

Liquid Assets are those that are either cash or could be converted into cash in a short amount of time without losing much value (gold, jewelry, stocks, and bonds, for example).

How Liquid Are You?

A recent study shows that nearly 50% of Americans live in “liquid asset poverty.” What this means is that, if something were to happen that required a large sum of quick cash, half of us would have to depend on debt in order to cover those unforeseen expenses. How about you?

Explore Your Down Payment and Financing Options

A good rule of thumb to know whether you’re ready to buy a house is if you can save up at least 20 percent of the new home’s value for a down payment.

Determine What You Can Afford

We recommend not paying more than 25 to 30 percent of your monthly household income on mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance premiums.

Know Your Credit Score

Having a score over 720 will generally secure you the best, most affordable interest rates. Before you go looking for a new home, make sure your credit history is up-to-date an accurate.

Looking for Extra Income to Supplement Your Budget? Part 2

Elance is another great site with over 126,000 jobs posted just in the last 30 days. Since elance started, it has helped generate $1 billion in additional income to its clients.

Looking for Extra Income to Supplement Your Budget? Part 1 is a great site that allows you to post both job offers, as well as look for work.

How to NOT Overspend While Using Credit Cards?

If you have a solid budget, you can decide to charge your regular monthly expenses on your credit card and pay your charges off quickly.

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