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Christian Financial Advice and Biblical Stewardship

Get the Most for Your Old Cell Phone!

Before you decide on the upgrade, check a few sites like:, or to see what you can sell your current phone for. Compare that price with the in-store credit and take the option that offers you the most money!

100+ Freebies for Your Birthday!

Many retailers understand that making your birthday just a little more special can earn them customer loyalty and additional revenue, hence hundreds of them are ready to shower you with gifts and discounts on your special day.

Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Sticky Fingers & Roll Over

After identifying all of your periodic expenses and designating monthly amounts, one very important thing to keep in mind is that you should not tap into your periodic expense envelopes in order to cover another expenses.

Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Funding Ahead of Time

Don’t underestimate the power of being financially prepared for periodic expenses since they can add up to quite a good amount of cash that you will otherwise have to sacrifice from your savings, or use credit, in order to cover them.

Budgeting for Periodic Expenses: Make a Plan

It’s easy to budget for activities we do every month, like buying groceries, paying mortgage and utilities. It’s those periodic expenses that can keep us trapped in the debt cycle!

Home Projects: It Matters Who Does the Work

Use licensed, bonded and insured contractors only for home renovation projects. Accidents do happen, and if you’re not careful about who does your work, you could be financially liable for whatever happens on your property during the install time.

Home Projects: Don't Give in to Financial Pressure

Never commit to any salesperson who is pressuring you to spend thousands of dollars without giving you the right to do your due diligence.

Home Projects: Listen to Customer Feedback

In this day and age, customer feedback is easily accessible online. Even though you probably wont find a 100% satisfaction, you’ll be able to pick out general customer experiences before you decide on a purchase.

Home Projects: Do Your Homework

Whether it’s new kitchen counters, a new deck, or new carpet, you should set aside ample time to do your research on your next home project.

Home Projects: Budgeting

Do your budget! Never start a major home project without first understanding how much your current budget can handle.

Refinancing 101

Timing and circumstance are the most important things to consider when deciding to refinance a home.

What if You Don't Like Your Gift Card?

Sites like The Card Yard or Cardpool will give you cash for your gift card. It won’t be 100% cash back, but it beats not using your gift at all!

Gift Cards: Combine Your Deals!

Can you imagine combining a gift card with additional sales and coupons? This is how you maximize your gift to the fullest!

Gift Cards and Overspending

If you have to combine your credit card with your gift card in order to make the purchase, you probably should not be buying it anyways!

Use Up Your Gift Cards!

Did you know that there is $1 billion in unredeemed gift cards just waiting to be spent, but much of it probably won’t be? Don't forget to use yours!

Save BIG in January – Part 2

Are you looking for new furniture? January and February are great months to find deep discounts on last year’s models.

Save BIG in January - Part 1

If you’re serious about getting fit and changing your lifestyle, then January is your opportunity to purchase fitness gear at a great price.

Save on Dining Out

Did you know that there is a way to NEVER pay full price for a meal? As long as you’re flexible about where you dine out, you can find awesome deals at a fraction of a cost.

Soda vs. Water

Every time you’re about to purchase a drink, just take that money and set it aside in an envelope and simply choose to drink water. You’ll see that by the end of the year you’ll have a nice sum of money set aside!

Saving on Fruits and Vegetables

In the winter, don't spend $5 on a small serving of strawberries. Get your fill of seedless tangerines and delicious oranges for a fraction of the cost!

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