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Christian Financial Advice and Biblical Stewardship

The Power of Consistency in Finances

“Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.” This proverb illustrates the power of small, consistent progress.

Finances and Listening

6% of the wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% for the poor. Maybe listening well can help improve your finances!

Say NO to Overdraft Protection

To avoid overdraft fees, call your bank and opt out of overdraft protection, review your spending, and create a budget to protect yourself from going negative!

Saving on Electricity: Flat Billing Pitfalls

Even though you’re on a flat rate plan, electric and gas companies set the rate assuming you will be using lots of electricity or gas during the summer or winter months. Ask your electric and gas company about penalties for changing to a standard plan before your 12-month period expires.

Saving on Electricity: Is Flat Billing Good for Your Budget?

Before you opt in to a "flat billing" plan, ask the necessary questions to understand refunds and usage policy! If you don’t ask the right questions, your budget will suffer!

Cut Cost on Security Alarms: Home Insurance Discount!

You will often get a 15% or 20% discount on your home insurance for having an alarm system.

Cut Cost on Security Alarms: Self Install?

Consider “self install” alarm systems where you can purchase and install a system yourself, and then pay a low monthly fee for monitoring. This way, you can save big bucks on the equipment install fee and, your monitoring fee will be around $10 – $15 a month.

Cut Cost on Security Alarms: No Contracts!

If someone tries to sell you on a long-term contract, run! Nowadays there are plenty of reliable companies that will offer you a no-contract monthly fee service.

Debt Consolidation: Is it Smart?

If you are thinking about debt consolidation, make sure you stop acquiring new debt, create and follow a budget to help you live within your income, and use your “extra” cash for savings or additional debt payments.

Whole Life Insurance: What You Need to Know

In whole life insurance, benefits and premium cost are fixed, premium cost is much higher than in term life insurance, and often the expenses of whole life insurance eat up any potential investment.

Wealth vs. Income

Wealth is not the same as income. If you make a good income each year and spend it all, you are not getting wealthier.

Long-term Financial Fitness

While there are many ways to earn money, there really is only one way to accumulate wealth – spend less than you make!

Financial Success Cycle

Having a budget is not enough. We need to implement, track and adjust it as needed. For easy, on-the-go budgeting, try!

Homeowner’s Insurance and Pets

If you are looking at buying a home and have a pet, please do your homework first to make sure you can get appropriate coverage on your home.

Should I Save for My Child’s College?

If you have no consumer debts and you are well on your way with retirement savings, then opening a 529 college savings account for your child could be a good idea.

How Much Should I Spend on Housing?

In order to protect yourself from overspending, and from stretching yourself too thin, you should not spend more than 20-25% of your take home pay on your housing (mortgage, insurance and taxes).

Can I Borrow Money from my 401k?

You can borrow money form your 401k, but remember that a 401 loan has to be repaid, even if you're laid off or changing jobs.

Struggling With High Medical Mills?

Struggling with high medical bills? Negotiate payment plans that fit your budget, ask your hospital about charity care programs, and check for local assistance programs.

Budget is a MUST

If you’re not paying attention, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on non-essentials like fast food or pricey entertainment.

Say NO to Revolving Debt!

Revolving debt involves high interest and requires low payments, making it the one that gets many people into financial trouble.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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