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How to Feed a Family of 6 for $200 a Month!

Look online for blogs that help you save money at the grocery store, and use the savings to pay off debt or build your bank account!

Is "Convenience" Costing You Money?

Buying frozen waffles are quick and convenient, but it costs about $4 - $5 for 8 or 10 servings. Instead, take 15 minutes one evening, and for less than $2 you can make twice as many pancakes and waffles at home!

Shed Pounds on a Dime: Community College

Many community colleges offer inexpensive access to their gym and pool facilities, so make sure you check those out. Your hours will be somewhat limited due to class schedules, but the cost savings may be worth it.

Shed Pounds on a Dime: Local YMCA

Your local YMCA is a great fitness option for the entire family so that you, your spouse, and your children may enjoy the facilities! That’s one benefit your traditional gym most likely won’t offer.

Fresh Air is Free

Getting in shape does not have to cost you money. Spring time is a great season to get your tennis shoes on and go for a run or take a long walk.

Shed Pounds on a Dime: Do NOT Use Your Debit Card

Gyms are notorious for drafting money from clients accounts, even after multiple requests for cancellation. Once you understand your cancellation policy, ask if you can pay with a check every month.

Shed Pounds on a Dime: "No Contract" Membership

If you want to lose weight and join a gym, make sure to negotiate a "no contract" membership. Many gyms offer month to month deals!

Mortgage Payoff Calculator

Becoming completely debt-free, including your mortgage, should be a goal of every individual or family.

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Many experts suggest you should not spend more than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing.

How Much do I Need for Retirement?

Knowing what amount of money you’ll need for retirement will help you adjust your current budget in order to make room for more long-term savings.

Debt Payoff Calculator

Do you have a clear idea of your debt payoff dates? Do you know the difference an additional $20, $50 or $100 could make to your debt payoff date or how much interest you could save by making those additional payments?

What's the REAL Cost?

Next time you’re about to purchase something with credit, calculate the final price of the item. A $10,000 loan taken out for 5 years at a 5% interest rate will add $1,322.74 to your final price. Are you ok paying additional $1300 for that item?

Make Additional Income with Childcare

You can use sites such as:, Urbansitter and Sittercity to set up your account and find clients looking for childcare. Name your rates, available hours and list your references to start generating additional income!

How Early Should You Open a Bank Account for Your Child?

If you have young children, remember it’s never too early to start them on a path to sound money management. Opening up a bank account can help them develop a habit of saving early on.

Is Your Car Insurance Going Up?

Shop around for a new car insurance policy every time you’re up for renewal! This is one sure way to get the best rates possible.

Cam I Claim my “Volunteer Time” as a Charitable Deduction?

Even though you can't deduct volunteer time as a charitable donation, every time you volunteer you can deduct mileage associated with your particular volunteer work, and unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses.

Selling Your Home?

Did you know that 94% of home-buyers start their home search online? If you're selling, make sure your home is on several sites.

Should I Sell My Old Home or Rent it Out?

If you’re in a position to carry two mortgage payments for a season, than it may be worth for you to consider becoming a landlord. If you’d be in trouble in the first few months, than you may be taking on too much risk!

When NOT to be Too Cheap!

Ever wonder which items to splurge on, to get the best deal for your money? Don't be afraid to spend more on kitchen appliances, a vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker, or a mattress.

Do You Know When Department Stores Discount?

Knowing the days when department stores discount items can help you save more money!

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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