Saver, Spender or Hoarder: Which One Are You?

Do you know your money personality? Here is a quick quiz to help you determine which category you belong to.  Use these few questions to help pinpoint problem areas in your money habits. Tackle those challenges head on, one by one!


1. Are you living from paycheck-to-paycheck, always wondering where your income went?

2. Is it hard for you to budget or follow any kind of spending plan?

3. Do you struggle with savings and have little to no savings set aside for future needs or emergencies?

4. Do you occasionally miss paying a bill?


1. Are you regularly setting aside a portion of your income for future needs or emergencies?

2. Do you have a balanced budget where both generosity, spending on your daily needs, as well as setting aside for the future are working in a balanced manner?

3. Is it fairly easy for you to say no to your wants and wait for a better deal, or simply resist the purchase for now?


1. Are you constantly preoccupied about the future?

2. Do you worry that no matter how much you set aside it’ll never be enough?

3. Do you have a hard time with giving a portion of your income away on regular basis? 

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