Divide the Tasks.  Both of you should be involved in choosing what goals to pursue and both are responsible for doing their part to keep spending within the boundaries set by the budget.  However, one will typically take more naturally to the “work” of budgeting – data entry and such.  If one of you has a melancholy primary or secondary temperament, that’s the person who’s probably best suited for the job.

Review Regularly.  At the end of each month, go over the budget to see how your actual spending compared with your goals.  Then decide what changes may be needed in the month ahead.

There’s only one way you can do life exactly how you want to.  Stay single.  Choosing to get married is choosing to make room for another person – that wonderful, amazing, very different person that you call your spouse.

Learning to put each other’s strengths to work and developing a plan for your use of money will help you stay on the same financial page.

What else have you found helpful in making the whole money thing work in your relationship?

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