Don’t try to work in the kitchen or get laundry in during school time, and don’t schedule appointments during school time. School time should only be school time. Dentists, doctors, and orthodontists want your business, and they will work with you. Our dentist will schedule our whole family in one afternoon if needed, and we have a family of ten! If you leave your place during school time, you can’t expect others to stay where they should be. Have children do their instrument practice as part of their individual schedules before or after school time, not during it.

9. Enjoy your family

Psalm 128:2

When schoolwork is caught up and chores are all finished, set aside one night a week to watch a video or DVD.

10. Reverence your husband

Ephesians 5:33b

Work at putting your husband first. The children need to know he is number one in your life. Have a time each day just to converse with him alone, with no interruptions. If your husband works at home or works irregular hours, do not schedule his time. He must oversee all that you schedule, because he will have to answer to God for how he has taught and trained his children to walk in the right paths.

Many moms don’t want to be so rigid. Balance is essential in a homeschooling family, and as a whole, our weakness is not being scheduled enough. Our family, friends, and neighbors often watch us, criticize us, and laugh at us because of our lack of commitment to the very task we preach about.

Beverly Whalen is the wife of David Whalen. They live with their eight children in the country near Enon Valley, . Their oldest child, Jeremiah, is 20 and mentally disabled. Their oldest daughter, Susanna, is 18 and teaches a variety of stringed instruments. Twins Naomi and h are 15. They enjoy piano, violin, and harp. Jared and Nathan are 13, also twins. Uriah is 10, and Levi is 6. The boys are taking beginning music lessons and enjoy the Haflinger horses on the family farm. The family sings and plays together as a ministry in their church and likeminded churches. They have been homeschooling for 16 years.

Copyright 2007.

Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Fall 2007. Used with permission.