2. Homeschooling is huge. It takes lots of time and mental energy. Don't diminish this fact by not giving it the space in your life it deserves. Don't try to merely fit it into the myriad of things you may have done in the past. If you do this, you are at a higher risk of burnout. Homeschooling is just as much a calling on your life as church work or ministry. Approach this calling with the same amount of respect and reverence you would a calling to the mission field. If this means letting go of social obligations, volunteer positions, or various other duties, so be it. Trust this as God's call on your life for this season of your life and live accordingly.

1. There is no perfect child, perfect home, perfect mom, or perfect family. I read once that "comparison is the death of contentment" and have tried to live my life accordingly ever since. The reality is we are all just doing the best we can every day - offering our meager efforts up to the Lord and allowing Him to multiply them beyond what we can ask or imagine. When we live life in this fashion, He shows up, takes our hand, and gently leads us down this path He has called us to. Each path will look different, and we all must stay on our own path, following Him every step of the way.

Mary Beth Whalen is the wife of Curt and mom of six children, ages 14 to 1. The family has homeschooled for 10 years. Mary Beth is the author of For the Write Reasons, a speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and a freelance writer. Learn more about Mary Beth through her blog at http://www.marybethwhalen.com/.

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