I recently conducted an informal survey to find out what homeschooling moms wish their husbands knew about homeschooling. Responses came in from across the nation. Keep reading to learn the nine top answers, as well as 27 practical applications you can consider implementing in your own home.

Of course, every home—and mom—is different, so don't assume that every concern and practical application included here will fit your situation. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Share this list with your wife and ask her which ideas will best meet her needs. Keep an open mind and work together to find solutions that will fit your family!


1.) You have a lot to offer our children. Please share your thoughts, talents, and knowledge with them. They learn a lot from their dad.

  • If you have strength in a particular academic subject, consider either being the regular teacher for that subject or at least assisting your child sometimes, perhaps once a week.
  • If you have a hobby such as woodworking, computers, fishing, hunting, cars, etc., share your knowledge and experience with your child.
  • Kids need support and affirmation from both parents. Consider looking over some of your child's work and offer both praise and constructive feedback. Try to keep it positive and uplifting.


2.) While the children are doing school, they are easily distracted. Please help me keep them on track by honoring our school hours.

  • When you come in the house, it is a good idea to ask your wife if school is over for the day.
  • If you notice chores that need to be done by your children while they are schooling, create a to-do list for each child to complete as soon as school is over. (At our house, you get privileges only after school and your to-do list is completed.)
  • Please do not call during school hours unless it is an emergency or prearranged.

3.) There are times when I feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Please pray for me.

  • As the spiritual leader of the home, your prayers are greatly needed and appreciated by your wife.
  • Homeschooling is more than just reading a book to the children. A homeschool mom must teach, discipline, counsel, correct, prepare, arrange field trips, complete paperwork, provide all three meals, try to keep the house clean, and support her husband. Sympathy and understanding are appreciated, as is prayer for strength, wisdom, and patience!
  • Some days are worse than others; it really helps encourage a homeschool mom if she knows that she can ask her husband to pray for a specific need.


4.) Sometimes I need to talk to you about which curriculums, lesson plans, and books to choose for the children. Please listen to me and don't say "Whatever you think" in response. I am asking because I need your input.

  •  Although your wife may know more than you about the school books, sometimes she cannot decide which would work better for your child. It helps her determine what is best by getting your input.
  • One homeschool mom said that she knew most husbands would rather saw wood with a fingernail file or watch paint dry than investigate all the curriculum and book options available for homeschooling. My advice is to ask your wife to narrow the selection to two or three options before seeking your help.
  • Remember, your wife is schooling all the time, and this subject is on her mind a lot because she wants to teach your children in the best way possible. You can help her by demonstrating at least some level of interest and being patient while she discusses these issues with you.

5.) We need to discuss the cost of our homeschooling and figure out a good budget system to help us purchase what we need each year.