• Unfortunately, it usually requires some money to obtain curriculum each year. You and your wife need to sit down and discuss what amount is really needed for your family's homeschooling budget.
  • There are ways to work to save money on homeschool items as well. Suggest to your wife that she use your library to its fullest extent and buy gently used books when possible.
  • Some homeschool moms say they feel guilty when they have to buy books. Having a monthly or yearly set budget for your wife to work from might relieve some of this tension.

6.) Although my heart is to homeschool our children, I need a break alone sometimes. 

  • Your wife is with your children 24/7 unless you provide some small breaks for her. Rather than watching TV or pursuing your own hobby while your wife continues to watch the kids, clean the house, and prepare dinner, switch roles sometimes. Do some of the household work for her while she rests for awhile.
  • Even one or two hours alone a week can help your wife feel refreshed.
  • Your wife may not always realize that she needs a break. My husband has learned that sometimes he needs to encourage me to take one when he sees that I need it.


7.) Please be understanding when the house is messy and dinner is late. Homeschooling is hard work, and sometimes I just don't have any energy left at the end of the day.

  • It's hard to keep a house perfectly clean when there are children in it at all times. Recognizing this (rather than criticizing the imperfections) will help alleviate some of the pressure your wife feels.
  • Some school days are very difficult. Even homeschooled children have days when they are not cooperative. It takes a lot of energy to teach uncooperative children. Keeping your expectations in check will help both of you deal with the times your wife is tired out after a long day at home with the kids.
  • Some days it is hard for your wife to make a great dinner because she is just so tired from everything else she has done that day. Again, she needs your support and encouragement, not criticism. Perhaps you could even pitch in and make dinner occasionally!

8.) Please help me draw limits and parameters for our schedule. There are so many opportunities available to homeschoolers that I need your help discerning what is best for our family.

  • The homeschool community has grown and offers many opportunities to those who homeschool. It is impossible for a family to do everything available. Help your wife decide which opportunities are right for your family.

  • Because your wife is at home, people tend to think of her as being able to do whatever they need her to do. The truth is that your wife has a very important job teaching your children. You can help her say "no" to over-committing herself.

  • Sit down and go over the family calendar periodically together.

9.) The little things you do to help me are sometimes huge and can make the difference in how our school day goes.

  • It helps your wife when you can run small errands for her on the way home from work. This keeps her from having to arrange a time around school to go.
  • Assisting with chores around the house can be an enormous help, especially when your children are younger.
  • If your wife is not feeling well, it is very helpful if you can aid with any school or household jobs. She does not get to call in a substitute teacher! 




Melissa Pinkley enjoys life with her husband, Wes. They learn a lot from their four children: Ben, Micah, Levi and Abigail. Homeschooling goes on 24/7 for the whole Pinkley family. They have been homeschooling for 6 years.  The Lord is gracious and continues to help them follow Him.

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