The Supreme Court has the final say on whether or not a law or practice is constitutional. The Court's grab of political power is particularly dangerous because it's nearly impossible to change a Supreme Court decision unless the Court overturns itself. The people have no power to govern the Court.

Once the Supreme Court decides that the free exercise of religion is no longer a fundamental right, as it did in the 1990s, the people are virtually powerless to do anything about it. We can amend the Constitution and encourage the president and Senate to appoint better justices, but these measures are difficult to attain and take a great deal of time.

We need to consider some form of institutional checks and balances on the Supreme Court. Perhaps a form of term limits on the Court would work to achieve a limitation on the tendency of the judges to create law out of thin air rather than simply interpret the Constitution and laws of the nation.

Freedom and the Next Generation

As citizens, we must understand these foundational principles of freedom and self-government, and we must also teach them to our children. This is a civics lesson that should be taught and re-taught, discussed and re-discussed.

Mike Farris' life is a living example of the lessons contained in this article. First, he devoted himself to the founding of Home School Legal Defense Association, and in the process taught a generation of parents the importance of instituting these ideals in our own homes. With the founding of Patrick Henry College, Mike is now teaching these truths and ideals to the next generation of leaders. Remember to pray for God's blessing on Mike and his many endeavors. If you would like more information about Patrick Henry College,  please visit the Web site at