The Principle Approach, as American classical education, accomplishes this admonition. Because it is Biblical and governmental, it looks to leadership of the next generation to be well educated in the Bible and its governmental principles. It is characterized by the supremacy of the Bible and its teaching methodology in all instruction. It acknowledges America’s Christian history and Biblical form of government, teaching them in every subject. It applies Biblical principles in scholarship, reasoning, character formation, and developing Christian self-government. It values the worth and dignity of each student and nurtures each one to achieve his fullest potential in Christ.

The Principle Approach produces a Biblical Christian worldview, holding the student accountable for his character and his learning. It places the responsibility for the character and preservation of our Christian constitutional republic upon the parent to teach children “the art of self-government.”

Why look to medieval Europe for classical education when the pinnacle of classical education was reached in our own nation with a Biblical and governmental mission two centuries ago? The tools of learning are not “lost.” They’re not medieval; they’re Biblical and governmental.

Practical Help for Teaching and Learning the Principle Approach

Best of all, The Principle Approach™ is now being published in a complete curriculum that presents every subject at every grade level with curriculum guides that give practical and user-friendly help to the teacher. The curriculum is The Noah Plan published by the Foundation for American Christian Education. The Noah Plan is being used in thousands of homes and schools across America with tremendous results. F.A.C.E. provides training for teachers, home schoolers, administrators, pastors, and students each year at their International Apprenticeship in Chesapeake, Virginia. Hundreds of people have attended this Apprenticeship and gone forth to implement The Principle Approach in their homes, schools, and churches.