The sad fact is, the opportunities they’ve missed rarely have any lasting significance, and they don’t begin to compare with the blessings of home education.

The unfortunate fact is this: One of the biggest reasons parents give up on homeschooling, and also why some homeschool graduates decide not to homeschool their own children, is sports. I’ve heard it time after time. May I suggest that in the eternal scheme of things, the opportunity to toss a ball through an iron hoop with a group of peers carries zero significance in comparison to the blessings of Christian home education?

If homeschooling fails to provide some kind of legitimate opportunity for your child, don’t sit back and passively accept the status quo. If the opportunity is genuinely worthwhile, and you believe it will contribute in a meaningful way to where you believe God is leading your child, then find a creative way to provide the opportunity within the framework of homeschooling. On the other hand, if the value of the opportunity is doubtful, then try to help your child cultivate alternate interests with opportunities you can take advantage of. One thing we must never do is allow our children to view homeschooling as something that takes everything away and gives nothing back. They need to understand that, although homeschooling may require certain sacrifices—for every member of the family—the blessings far, far outweigh any temporary disappointments.


Last, but certainly not least, pray that your children will catch the vision for Christian home education. We can do all the right things, but ultimately, it’s up to God to bless our efforts. As we implement wise practices in our homes, we should never neglect to ask God for His blessing.

A Closing Caution

Don’t put your goal of passing on the vision of Christian home education above that of passing on your faith. If our children are lost without God, it doesn’t matter if they intend to homeschool their own kids or not. Passing on our faith must come first. Passing on the vision of Christian home education can come after that.

In Conclusion

As we see in the ancient nation of Israel, it’s entirely possible to go from great victory to incredible defeat in the space of one generation. Given the incredible success of Christian home education in passing the faith from one generation to the next, it is fundamentally important that we not only pass our faith on to our children, but that we also pass on a vision for Christian home education. If we want our faith to be handed down through the generations, we must do our part to make sure that each generation will do what’s necessary to pass it on to the next.

Christian home education is a tool like no other that we can use to pass on our faith. We can help perpetuate a spiritual legacy of victory by not only passing on our faith, but by also seeking to pass on the vision of Christian home education. Our grandchildren—and all generations that may come after them—hang in the balance. May it never be written of our children or grandchildren that “there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord.” 

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