4.  These tapes can provide an opportunity for Mom and Dad to put the children to bed early with the lights out, so they can listen to the tapes and give Mom and Dad some extra time to themselves.

5.  These tapes also give Mom an opportunity during the day to let the children calm down and have some time out listening to a tape, so she can get some other work done or spend time with older children.

6.  These stories serve an ancillary purpose of helping fathers to articulate better, avoiding the "ah's" and "um's" so common in modern conversation.

7.  If you are a dad, like I, whose job requires you to travel, your tapes give your children a chance to hear your voice and not miss you quite so much. This allows your children to still very connected with you, even when you are a continent apart!

In Parts 2 and 3 of this series, we will discuss the main ingredients of a good story, building character through stories, making a story exciting, and teaching skills through stories.

Chris Klicka is Senior Counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, as well as Director of State and International Relations. He is the author of several books, including The Right Choice. He and his wife Tracy home school their seven children.