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Running It Out: A Baseball Lesson

A tug inside halted my baseball thoughts. Convicted, I realized that too many times I stutter-step in life, looking at all the things that could hold me back instead of keeping my eye on the goal.

Scotland – A Small Country with a Surprising Impact

Known for its breathtaking beauty, perhaps best left for artists and poets to describe, this small, almost hidden country on England’s northern border is a place we ought to explore.

Homeschooling the Rebel

15 Things I Have Learned from My Father

I owe my father more than I can ever remember, as his wisdom has become my own.

Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study, Part II

Each time we mix, saute, baste, broil, fold, steam, and marinate, we learn a little bit more about cooking and baking and all the fun that goes into it. This week, we'll see how your kids can learn history, geography, reading, and writing in the kitchen...

What to Do When You Run Into “The Wall”

You can’t get over it, you can’t go around it; your nose is pressed against this immovable blockage; “forward” isn’t there and “reverse” doesn’t work. What’s a mother to do?

Equipping Your Grad for 'Beyond Me' Living

It's no surprise that our youth, even our Christian youth, are deeply affected by our culture's “it’s about me” thinking. What practical steps can we take to ensure our young people choose the path of true discipleship and selfless living?

Baking and Cooking: A Delicious Unit Study, Part I

Each time we mix, saute, baste, broil, fold, steam, and marinate, we learn a little bit more about cooking and baking and all the fun that goes into it. Don’t believe me when I say it’s fun? Come along with me on a tasty trip to the kitchen and we’ll see what we learn in the process.

Dealing with Difficulties

You have started homeschooling your children, but things are not going exactly as you dreamed. And your biggest question is, is all of this my children’s fault or mine?

The Search for 'Higher' Education

Every Spring, parents take their charges on multiple tours of colleges and universities in order to make an informed choice. But if you travel to the school and don’t venture off the proscribed path, you might as well just stay home and read the brochures.

  • Dr. Jason R. Edwards |
  • May 30, 2008 |
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Teaching Your Kids Financial Independence

The end product of our parenting efforts should not be boomer-rang kids, but adults who can live financially independent lives. Here's how parents can pass on solid financial practices while improving their own money management skills.

Help Bring Your Prodigal Home

When your child walks away from Christ, it’s easy to feel despair. But there is hope, and there are actions you can take to help bring your prodigal home.

10 Important Educational Activities for Preschoolers

Writer Amelia Harper shares 10 important, age-appropriate activities for parents with preschool-age children.

Training Children to Refuse Evil and Choose Good

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for Christian parents is when they see one of their children making damaging life choices with seemingly no interest in doing right. What can we do to help make sure that our children refuse evil and choose good?

Mom, I Want to Learn Urdu! Part II

Once you have decided on a language, the next step is choosing a language program. Peter Groth gives guidance on how to tackle this daunting task...

Are Parents Really Necessary? A Guide to Preschool Education

Today more than half of four-year-olds and more than a third of three-year-olds are in preschool programs. But does sending children off to preschool programs really benefit children more than keeping them at home with mom and dad?

The Big Day: Graduation

Mom, I Want to Learn Urdu! Part I

“Mom, I want to learn Urdu.” A simple sentence like this can send a wave of trepidation through a homeschooling parent, even if the foreign language your child desires to learn is of a less exotic variety than Urdu...

Refreshing Our Focus

It's springtime and the loose ends of our school days, which started to unravel a month or so previously, may now have slipped beyond our grasp. Maybe we’ve even stopped caring if we can salvage the weeks ahead or not. Summer is in sight and we just want to make a break for it. But one thing stops us—our conscience.

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