This year my husband, Steve, and I went on a trip to celebrate two things.  First, we were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of his parents.  Additionally we were celebrating our own 16th Anniversary.


I really liked the way Steve’s parents celebrated their anniversary.  They did it by celebrating marriage itself.  They invited, and paid for, their three living sons and their wives to a few days at an ocean front resort. 


Being the parents of four boys, they knew that it was often difficult for parents to get away to spend time alone with each other.  They wanted to encourage in their adult children the importance of putting their spouse first—which is why they arranged an adults-only vacation.


As the boys grew, they were given a clear view of what it was like to live with parents who loved each other, and valued their relationship over anything else.  I want to pass that legacy on to my own children.


One of my favorite things to do with Steve is ride in a car.  I don’t care where we go, as long as we get to talk along the way.  He would sometimes rather just pull off onto a dirt road.  We’ve both learned to adapt to our different ideas of what a car trip means when we’re on a date with each other.


We were able to spend several hours together in a car on our vacation.  Mostly we spent it talking, or listening to a radio program.  We were thrilled when Family Life Today came on the radio.  I sometimes wish we would make it a point to listen to it every day together.  Maybe now we will.  The program talked a bit about making a tribute to someone.  The time was too short for us to make a written one to the parents, but we decided while we were in the hotel room, we would give them a verbal tribute.  What a joy it was to go around the room telling how they affected our lives and what an impact they had made on us.


I’ll never forget the tears in Fulvia’s eyes as she told them that they became a substitute for her own parents who live in Italy. 


How often do we tell those close to us how important they really are in our lives? Days go by without even telling our spouses that they mean the world to us.  This is just one illustration of ways that I can make my marriage better on a day-to-day basis.