The Ideal and the Reality 

Attending to the more practical matters of scheduling, strategies, and age-appropriate activities is still an essential element in homeschooling with infants and toddlers in the family. However, maintaining a proper perspective on homeschooling with little ones is a vital first step in keeping everything running smoothly in our households.

Of course, these underpinnings represent an ideal, but reality happens—that is why the foundation is so important. When we're dealing with a preschooler who is constantly whining, we have to remind ourselves that children are a blessing. If we are rushing headlong into our school day trying to make sure all of the assignments get done, only to be irritated by a toddler's incessant interruptions—the family first focus can prompt us to put the textbooks down for a few minutes at least. Remembering that there is a time for everything can keep us at peace even when life seems like a whirlwind of activity. And having a mind of integration can enable us to accomplish all of the essentials with less stress and effort.  

*This article published October 4, 2010

Cynthia Carrier is the homeschooling mom of six children and author of The Growing Homeschool: Integrating Babies and Toddlers into Your Already Busy Schedule. She also has written, with her husband Marc, The Values-Driven Family and Values-Driven Discipleship. For more information about these resrouces, including free downloads, visit

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