"…and who knoweth…" – The Lord has His own plans. He cares about each of us.

"…whether thou art come…" – He can use 'missed bathrooms' and seemingly erase memories for a time to bring about a greater purpose in others' lives.

"…to the kingdom…" – In the family of God, to a specific place, for a special occasion.

"…for such a time as this…" – to teach a spiritual lesson, to show His power, to exemplify His love, to express His concern, to show His greater understanding.

God is in control IF we will only submit to His will! He wants to show Himself mighty on our behalf! We need only to follow His leading. Listening to that still, small voice (I Kings 19:12), obeying His promptings, being submissive to what the Holy Spirit tells us through The Word of God, is what The Lord requires of the Christian walk. THEN, He will help us to accomplish any task that HE has set before us! HE will see it through! HE will work through us in spite of our human weaknesses. We need only to trust and obey!

My peace returned and I felt an awesome awareness of The Lord's presence. This Christmas Craft Fair was going to be exactly what HE wanted it to be, to accomplish what HE wanted it to do in each homeschooler's life, and to be whatever blessing was needed in every family's situation.

Liz did a wonderful job with the devotional. All the children left happy with their finished crafts. Every mother had great fellowship with one another. New families became acquainted and more comfortable with each other. And I learned a very cherished, spiritual lesson: That if The Lord is truly in something, HE will see it through to the end.

Maribeth Spangenberg is a homeschool mother of nine, whom she and her husband, Steve, have always educated at home. Her three oldest children have graduated from homeschool highschool. She continues to teach her remaining children at home.
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