The Goal
The aim of Classical Magic is to develop intelligent, joyful listeners of classical music. The lyrics are tools to inspire children to listen to fully orchestrated music of complete works.

Antonin Dvorák's From the New World, with lyrics, prepares a child for listening to the complete symphony. The fully illustrated book includes a kid-friendly biography of Dvorák in prose and in lyrics. Once children know the lyrics, they can listen with joy and understanding to the complete symphony. The fully orchestrated symphony is included on the CD that comes with the book. For children in the early elementary grades, it works best to let them draw scenes from Dvorák's life as they listen. For the upper grades, a listening guide for each movement helps to identify the themes, the instruments they hear, and the development of the themes.

Beethoven's Fifth is another easy symphony for children to listen to. It is only 35 minutes long, and the themes are easy to distinguish. The theme for the first movement is in Volume 1. Volume 2 has themes for the second and third movements, and the fourth movement can be found in Classical Karaoke for Kids. The complete symphony is not included in the books, but any classical music store can supply it for you.

Haydn's Clock symphony is about a mean cat, Adagio, who is trying to catch a little mouse named Allegro. Of course, Adagio will never catch Allegro because Allegro is faster than Adagio! Classical Karaoke for Kids has lyrics for all four movements. The lyrics are humorous, and children love to read with the lyrics in the book. Then they are ready to listen to a fully orchestrated recording of the symphony.

Classical music is a "must" in any home curriculum. Even if you do only the basic theme recognition program, classical music will enrich every area of study. Introduce children to the very best when they are very young. You'll find it is easy to do, and it will expand your horizons as well as those of your children.

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As a retirement mission, Marjorie Persons, with her husband Clyde, publish books with CDs to make classical music accessible to all children. Marjorie presents workshops in both homeschool and public school conferences. An experienced teacher, she has majors in religious education, elementary, secondary, and music education, as well as English literature. She and her husband spent two years teaching missionary children in Mexico with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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