• David & Laurie Callihan’s Crosswalk.com HomeSchool Channel “Home Schooling High School” Columns (http://homeschool.crosswalk.com/CC_Content_Page/0,,PTID74453|CHID206836|CIID,00.html). Link here to the full collection of the Callihan’s columns, many of which deal with aspects of college admissions for home schoolers. 

• Cafi Cohen’s Homeschool Teens & College http://www.homeschoolteenscollege.net/. Cafi Cohen’s Web site contains a variety of articles about home schoolers and college admissions. 

Information About Colleges and Universities 

Many students and their families are not sure to which colleges and universities they should consider applying. Students in conventional schools usually have access to a guidance office full of college catalogs to peruse. As a home-schooled student, you can request that free catalogs from any college or university be sent to you at home, but most colleges and universities also publish their entire catalog on their Web sites. In addition, a college’s Web site may also provide you with additional valuable information to help you narrow down the schools to which you wish to apply. It is common for college and university Web sites to include access to the library’s card catalog, virtual tours of the campus, and departmental Web sites that will allow you to evaluate from afar the academic offerings and climate of a particular department in which you may be interested. The following websites will assist you in this process. 

• Links to Colleges & Universities Worldwide (http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/cdemello/univ.html) This Web site will link you to the home pages of any college or university, worldwide. From each college’s home page, you can then consult the college catalog, take a virtual tour of the campus, and even apply to many colleges online! 

• Christian College Search.com (http://www.christiancollegesearch.com/). This online guide provides links to Christian colleges and universities with liberal arts programs. 

• Peterson’s Guides (http://www.petersons.com/). This is a commercial site sponsored by the publisher of the popular Peterson’s Guides to Colleges and Universities, available at bookstores nationwide. The Web site provides some of the information—free of charge--available in their books.