After getting the library all organized, I walked out of the library to find the children to show them "the new system."

Having mom busy for a couple of days, Bryan wanted something to do, so he got all the game pieces and mixed them all together. I didn't have enough time to go through them so I put them all in one large zipper bag and labeled it "miscellaneous game pieces." If you want to play Monopoly at our house, you aren't limited to the dog, horse and racecar. You can be a little girl with yellow hair from the Candy Land game if you would like.

After spending a great deal of time cleaning up the rest of the house, I finally made it back to the library to share "the system" with the children. They had already heard about the clean library, and decided it was the perfect place to play. Isn't it interesting how children gravitate to the clean rooms to play with ALL their toys?

I had previously organized all the Lego's, farm animals, and crayons into different containers. In exasperation I told the kids to put them all in one bin. After cleaning up their toys, they all decided to read a bit.

That evening before going to bed, I discovered toddler books in the biographies, science books in the history section, big books turned on their sides in the parenting books, and coloring books, mixed in wherever they could be squeezed.

When I went to bed that night I dreamed that the next day I would tackle the spice cabinet. In my head I saw the spices organized alphabetically according to recipe.

Instead of tackling the spice cabinet though, I opted instead for the immediate need, which was to find Briana's math book.

Be encouraged! If I can homeschool ... so can you!

Note: The idea of the "super-organized-homeschool-mom-whose-got-it-all-together" came from a video by Funny Moms. You can visit their website at

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