9. Store your Heat Paks in a convenient, dry place near the microwave oven. 

10. To add a charming finishing touch to your gift, create a tiny "booklet" of instructions for heating and storing the Heat Pak. Carefully print or use script to write the instructions in ink on heavyweight paper, like the kind found at scrapbook supply stores. If you live close to a print shop, ask the manager if he would let you have (free) some samples of heavyweight paper from the print shop's shelves. Many printing companies save their usable surplus paper and are happy to give it away! Create two small openings in the top, left corner of the booklet; loop a soft, bright ribbon through them; tie a bow; and use a small safety pin (concealed if possible) to attach the ribbon to the Heat Pak. 

11. Enjoy giving a gift that is unique, personal, inexpensive, and is a potential source of great comfort and pleasure to the recipient! 

*This article published December 15, 2009.

Donna Rees is a General Editor for TOS. She loves to give useful, homemade, frugal gifts, and she is delighted to share this idea with you. Donna and her family have a large collection of Heat Paks (they usually call them "heat things") that are used daily—at least until they accidentally overheat them! The Rees family hopes you enjoy making some for yourself and as gifts too.

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