On the parent’s assessment of their child’s religious values, Anderson added the option,   other, please specify.    7% of respondents chose this option and as she read the comments, Anderson was shocked.

Almost all the respondents claimed their child would be more religious, more committed to their family’s values than even the parents were.  I had forgotten to add this option!

Similar results were observed in the responses of homeschooled adults when asked if their religious values were similar to their parents’ Only 3% expected to have values very different from their parents. A student cannot be greater than his teacher, but when the child is introduced to Christ as his Teacher, he can surpass even his own family in faithfulness to the Lord.

These statistics are very encouraging and support homeschoolers in their endeavors to model Christ to their children.

While the numbers of homeschooled children who walk away from the faith of their parents may be small, it is still a very real situation to families who are faced with a prodigal child.

It is significant to note, however, that even in those few cases in which the children walked away from the faith, homeschooling was not often viewed as the cause. Parents cited reasons such as not feeling enough love at home, problems in the church, the influence of peers, not living their beliefs consistently and not discussing beliefs enough. Only one parent thought their child would have been more likely to have adopted their religious beliefs if they had attended a public school and only one thought that a private, Christian school would have done a better job. Overall, even in the cases where children walked away from the faith, homeschooling was viewed in a positive light.

Lisa Hodgen, homeschooling mother of ten and founder of Me And My House Ministries (www.me-and-my-house.org), has felt the pain of a child not choosing her faith.  She continues to encourage others, however, and reminds them that they homeschool because it is God’s plan and He has His own purposes.  In regards to her daughter, she shares,

She still has these things, a foundation to return to, when God opens her eyes, bringing light to deliver her.  I do not believe home education failed her, or failed in itself.  Teaching and training our own children is the means God has given the home to   produce godly seed,   instructing the next generation to walk in His ways.  We do not follow it for pragmatic reasons, because it seems to work within our timetable and in our ways.  We do it because it is right and God commanded it for His own glory. As a parent it is hurtful and disappointing when our children walk apart from these ways. But we do not walk by sight, but by faith. God has spoken that His word is alive and powerful and will go forth and not return void.

God has indeed shown Himself mighty through the modern homeschool movement. As many thousands of parents have sought to be faithful to God’s plan for their families, He has been faithful to them, blessing their efforts abundantly. The road of homeschooling may not always be an easy one and the difficulties can be very real. But despite the trials, we can truly say, along with Samuel,   Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.   May we continue to rely on Him as we walk onward in faith, training the next generation in His ways and according to His plan.

Oh, and what about Jennifer Morrison who was so unsure of her parents’ ability? She graduated from homeschooling and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. And if children are in her future, she plans on teaching them at home as well.

Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation

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Dana Hanley is a homeschooling mother of three.  She holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Kansas, but feels like her true education began when she began preparing to homeschool.  You can join her on her journey and learn more about her thoughts on education and family life at her blog, Principled Discovery, at http://gottsegnet.blogspot.com.

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