"The good news is there are some encouraging trends in evangelicalism that just might help bring about a needed reformation in Christian parenting. First there is homeschooling while not for every family, many a parent has realized that homeschooling provides a natural atmosphere where they can actively evangelize and disciple their children…. Many homeschooling curricula are Christ-centered, making it easier to talk to children about spiritual things. By all indications, homeschooling is only going to become more popular as time goes on." – Nathan Finn 
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I wanted to shout, "Here am I! I searched the archives of The Baptist Press for other homeschooling articles that I may have missed. To my delight, the majority of the March 12, 2003 issue dealt with Kingdom Education, including homeschooling!

"The Christian school movement in our churches is going to take the denomination by storm in the next 10 to 15 years. By the end of that time it will be as unusual to find a church that is not sponsoring or supporting a Christian school and a home school network, as it is today to find a church that does not have a Sunday school program.

This movement and the homeschool movement together are going to radically reshape the way America does school in the next two decades." Ed Gamble, Executive Director of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools. ("Christian schools, Homeschooling make gains among Southern Baptists" by Tammi Reed Ledbetter  [ - Read More - ] )

Church-based Kingdom Schools and home-based Kingdom Schools can work together. The SBC has taken the first step: church-based schools. It is time to take another step: home-based schools. We need the establishment of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Homeschools!

So, we wait to see if the resolution makes it to the floor of the annual convention. If it does, what effect will it have on our convention? Will pastors bring word of it back to their congregations? Dr. Glen Schultz, author of Kingdom Education, and Director of LifeWay Christian School Resources, explains:

"However, very little is being done to help parents understand the kingdom education principles that have been addressed in this book. Sometimes the lack of such teaching and preaching results from the lack of understanding of these issues by the leaders of the church. Unfortunately, sometimes educational issues are avoided because of pressures, either real or perceived, from various groups and/or individuals within the church. Pastors feel as if they are in a no-win situation when it comes to addressing issues related to education.

When parents ask a church leader where they should send their children to school, the leader thinks that any answer he might give is likely to offend someone in the church. Those who home school pressure pastors to encourage other parents to do as they do. Others who teach in Christian schools expect the pastor to support this type of education, while those in public education become offended if the pastor would in any way encourage parents to remove their children from public schools. Pastors believe they cannot give much support to Christian schools because they have some fine Christians who are teachers and administrators in the public schools. They explain that these individuals would consider it a slap in the face if the pastor were to support other forms of education."