- Over 76% of homeschool graduates ages 18-24 voted in a national/state election the past 5 years, compared with just 29% of 18-24 year-old public school graduates.

- Only 4.2% of homeschool graduates consider politics and government too complicated to understand, compared to 35 % of U.S. adults

- Over 95% of homeschool graduates were glad that they were homeschooled.

And these findings are just the tip of the iceberg! The vast majority of homeschoolers are content, know the value of hard work, and want to homeschool their own kids.

Additionally, college recruiters often seek out homeschooled students. "Admission officers at Stanford University think they are seeing an unusually high occurrence of a key ingredient, which they term 'intellectually vitality,' in homeschool graduates" (Worldwide Guide, page 71).

Organizations like the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS.org) have established high school programs. In that capacity, SCAIHS worked with the governor's office, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, and the Palmetto Fellows Committee to ensure that homeschooled students would be eligible for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship offered by the state of South Carolina. Homeschooled students are also eligible for South Carolina's LIFE scholarship.

Homeschooled high school students are doing well academically and socially, and are achieving the recognition they deserve.

We still have work to do

This particular Dr. Phil show demonstrates that our work as a homeschooling community is not yet finished. We need to continue to demonstrate to a watching world that homeschooling works exceptionally well at every level--from kindergarten through high school.

We appreciate the fact that Dr. Phil approves of homeschooling in grades K-8. As HSLDA says so well in an article on the Dr. Phil show on their Web site (hslda.org):

"We appreciate that Dr. Phil recognizes that homeschooling is a viable education alternative up until 8th grade. However, we strongly disagree with the next statement by Dr. Phil when he said that once homeschooled children pass the 8th grade, 'They become more independent and benefit more from being in a public or private school.'"

Contact Dr. Phil:

If you would like to contact Dr. Phil, you can e-mail him by going to http://www.drphil.com/plugger/respond/?plugID=9164.

Tell him how homeschooling in high school has worked for you and your students. If you have statistical data, provide that. If not, simply tell your story.

Thanks, and may God continue to bless homeschooling students of all ages!

What is your response to Dr. Phil's claim that homeschoolers don't progress very well socially and academically beyond the eighth grade?


Zan Tyler is the Homeschool Resource and Media Consultant for Broadman and Holman Publishers and Homeschool Editor for LifeWay Christian Resources, on the Web at www.lifeway.com/homeschool. She and her husband Joe homeschooled for 21 years, teaching all of their children from kindergarten through high school. Zan is the author of the newly released Seven Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential.