6. Time to be. The homeschooling season is a busy one—home, school, church, social commitments, extra-curricular activities, all add up to a full and sometimes overflowing schedule. Being on the go all the time without time to be means I get tired. Running on empty raises my level of irritability, which in turn affects my home and school. I need to factor in time to be—with the Lord, my spouse, even time with my kids apart from school, and time for myself to rest and relax.

7. Avoid comparisons. Quite often I find myself comparing myself with other homeschool moms. When I compare myself with other homeschool moms or families, I feel lacking in some area. I need to keep in mind that God created each of us unique. What works for one child or family may not for another. But when I know the vision--what God wants—it helps me function within His will. That’s a place of rest.

8. Embrace this season of my life. I can get so caught up in activities and doing, that I miss out on the joys of this season in life. I’m learning to live in the moment, especially the good ones—to treasure them and build memories with my family. So rather than rushing in the morning, my toddler and I take in the sunrise through the kitchen window, and she tells me that “Jesus made everything.” Or when my older daughter interrupts my day with “Did you know…” as she discovers new facts in Biology, I embrace the moments and enjoy them.

9.Fun. Taking time for fun with my family is something I don’t always do—whether incorporating fun in school or taking time off to enjoy each other. Fun helps to strengthen family bonds, and brings a breath of fresh sir into our school and home. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive—shooting hoops with my seventh grader, dancing with my toddler to her favorite song, family movie night—all suffice.

10.  PRAY. Prayer should really be my first resort, but often it’s not. Yet, it’s the most powerful thing I can do for my family—lifting them up to the throne of Almighty God, praying protection over them, asking God for wisdom and strength as I teach and nurture my children. Nothing can compare to the importance and power of prayer.

March 11, 2011

A homeschooling mom since 2002, Anita Mellott encourages others through writing and speaking. When she's not homeschooling or chauffeuring her kids, Anita blogs at From the Mango Tree, (http://amellott.wordpress.com/). Her book, School Is Where the Home Is: 180 Devotions for Parents is available for pre-order at Judson Press.