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Parenting with a Diligent Hand, Part 2

Today, I’d like to look at the question, “How and why do Christian parents let their children get off the right path? And how can diligent parents help keep their children on the right path?”

Parenting with a Diligent Hand, Part I

My thinking for most of the years my children were being raised was this: If a father and mother will generally do what is biblically right in relation to a child, then that child will turn out right without ever going far astray. But my understanding was off-target...

We're Having Lizard ‘n Onions for Dinner!

It is amazing what happens in a child’s brain. Something that is taken for granted by an adult can utterly confuse and befuddle a child. I suppose we adults must look the same way to God sometimes, when our limited understanding makes Him laugh...

Safe in His Arms: The Hope of a Homeschooling Single Mom

I am often asked, “Is it possible for a single parent to homeschool?” What a loaded question! If they only knew what questions begin scrolling through my mind! How can a single mom raise up sons to become Godly men, etc...

  • Crystal Wetherholt |
  • October 01, 2008 |
  • comments
Hypocrite Proofing the Home

Recently, a friend called. Her son had begun asking difficult math questions. She called me because she knew I could relate—like her, I also have an age discrepancy between my wedding date and my child’s birth.

  • Jenefer Igarashi |
  • September 24, 2008 |
  • comments
Your 12-Year-Old Still Can’t Read?!

Our daughter Emily started out as an incredibly bright child, well on her way to law school in kindergarten. Imagine our surprise when she was unable to learn to read in public school kindergarten or after transferring into private Christian school for first grade.

Raining Sunshine

Even after twenty years of living on the plains of Colorado I’m caught off guard when the sun shines above me at the same time rain droplets plop onto my skin. It happened again the other night.

  • Paula Moldenhauer |
  • August 20, 2008 |
  • comments
Homeschooling in the Shadows

From time to time, it seems that dark clouds overshadow the homeschooling family. It is wise to remember, however, that laws opposing the Christian faith or homeschooling are not capable of destroying our hope.

Grace and the Homeschool

Reviving Our Vision

We need to keep a vision for our families’ futures clearly set before us. We must define our vision, prayerfully teach toward our vision, and seek encouragement in the process.

Stopping at Second: Baseball Lesson II

If only the little guy hadn’t taken his eyes off his coach, our team would have been set up to score. Shocked by how well he’d done, the young hitter was unable to even consider how much further he could go.

Running It Out: A Baseball Lesson

A tug inside halted my baseball thoughts. Convicted, I realized that too many times I stutter-step in life, looking at all the things that could hold me back instead of keeping my eye on the goal.

Homeschooling the Rebel

What to Do When You Run Into “The Wall”

You can’t get over it, you can’t go around it; your nose is pressed against this immovable blockage; “forward” isn’t there and “reverse” doesn’t work. What’s a mother to do?

Are Parents Really Necessary? A Guide to Preschool Education

Today more than half of four-year-olds and more than a third of three-year-olds are in preschool programs. But does sending children off to preschool programs really benefit children more than keeping them at home with mom and dad?

Refreshing Our Focus

It's springtime and the loose ends of our school days, which started to unravel a month or so previously, may now have slipped beyond our grasp. Maybe we’ve even stopped caring if we can salvage the weeks ahead or not. Summer is in sight and we just want to make a break for it. But one thing stops us—our conscience.

Social Success at Home

Our son Luke is a case in point that a child with challenges and delays is at risk of totally sinking in a public school classroom...

  • Michelle McConnell |
  • April 25, 2008 |
  • comments
We Now Interrupt This School Day

In my early days of mothering and homeschooling, I had a rigid plan for each day. But I’ve learned that “interruptions” are His breathing life and direction into our days and into my heart...

When Dreams Come True

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy. (Proverbs 13:12) Life is full of both the devastation of unrelenting disappointment and the wild joy of dreams coming true...

10 Keys to Homeschool Success

Many mothers seem to struggle with homeschooling. They obviously have the desire to be a help to their husband in this area, but as the family grows, they can’t figure out how to “fit it all in...”

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