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Cures for the Winter Blahs, Part 1

So what's a mother to do when her home-schooling banner is drooping towards the ground?

Top Seven in Oh Seven

From what your preschooler really needs to keeping your teens active in the summer to raising politically incorrect christians in a politically correct world... check out the most read homeschool articles of 2007.

Jumping In Just a Little Too Much

Take some time to reflect on your homeschool schedule and remember that it's all right to change your methods until you find one that creates peace in the home while instilling a love for learning in your children.

Morality is Not the Point

Morality will not save you from hell; it will not even make you a better person. And if we teach our kids only morality, the undertow of legalism will be almost irresistible.

Memories Happen

Take a deep breath. Smell that? It's the smell of Christmas. If I took my favorite memories and put them in a gallon jug, over half would have something to do with Christmas...

The Way of Light

Jesus came to cancel the curse of condemnation and sin and to free us to live in relationship with Him and His Father. When I focus on my failures I return to the old way of living in darkness...

  • Paula Moldenhauer |
  • December 21, 2007 |
  • comments
Holidays and Holy Days

We serve a creative God who loves to celebrate. Since we're created in His image, it's not unexpected that we humans would love celebrations, too.

  • Marcia Washburn |
  • December 14, 2007 |
  • comments
They Call Them Black Walnuts For A Reason

Have you experienced a challenging day recently? How we respond to those situations can have a lasting impact...

A Mother's Helper

Do you have the definitive answer on what each mother should do in every situation, without fail? Learn the importance of having a special helper that every mother needs...

Far From Thankful

Hard things come our way and we lose focus. Hard people come our way and we lose courage. Hard times come our way and we lose faith. We are so far from thankful that we've gone to the other extreme of actually being ungrateful. What do you do?

  • Deborah Wuehler |
  • November 23, 2007 |
  • comments
He Gives Sweet Sleep

Just as we care for our children's needs long after they've been tucked into their beds, God works in our lives even when we're asleep.

The Master Chef

One day my seven-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to make cookies "all by herself." I said that would be fine, but that she could ask me for help whenever she needed it. She needed help reading the recipe. She needed help knowing where the ingredients and supplies were, how to use the mixer, and how to measure correctly...

What's up with Halloween?

Even if it's under the clever name of "Harvest Festival," churches throughout our country nonetheless use Halloween as a means for outreach to the community. So what's the deal?

Hearing the Well Done

As parents, we need to be vitally aware that our role in our children's lives is the role of a steward—not an owner. God has entrusted His children to our care. Yet how subtly an attitude of ownership can creep in...

I Was Raised By Wolves

As parents, we've all been influenced by our educational upbringing. Be encouraged that homeschooling our children is truly the best solution in today's educational climate...

The Art of Gentling

Gentleness is an art. It requires time and patience, but the end result proves it is the best training method; it produces the highest yield...

Recovering from Public School Education

In some public schools the worldly philosophies and values that are taught day after day by teachers, textbooks, and classmates can sink deeply into the heart and mind, influencing the entire outlook on life. How does a parent help a child recover from that? Here is one parents testimony...

Who's Driving The School Bus, Anyway?

Just why are men so aggressive when it comes to driving? All the books on men tell us that it is because they are born to lead and made to race. The physical example of trying to "drive" our husbands finds its way into our homes and homeschools as well, doesn't it? Maybe it is time to for a tune up.

  • Deborah Wuehler |
  • September 28, 2007 |
  • comments
Finding Rest

As homeschoolers, most of us have learned to dismiss weak socialization arguments. However, special needs children may have less opportunity. Here are some tips to help you find rest while meeting the needs of your special needs students.

  • Marla G. Nowak |
  • September 14, 2007 |
  • comments
The Heart of Christian Homeschooling

Our job is not just to prepare our children to compete academically or to fulfill a job description that might be a part of their future. Our job is to live the Word of God and teach the Word of God...

  • Marc and Cynthia Carrier |
  • August 24, 2007 |
  • comments
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