What’s the point?

It’s not that I was a particularly great speaker or even a great artist. To be honest, back in those days my pictures were pretty rough, technically speaking.

The point is that there’s something about seeing a picture unfold before your eyes that cements it in your memory. When that picture is combined with Scripture, a dramatic black light effect, and a Gospel presentation, the effect is even more striking. The combination of the senses of sight and hearing makes an impression on those who are watching. Indeed, it can even cause the most unwilling to pause and take notice.

A year or so ago I went into a prison in North Texas to do a chalk art program. The back rows of the chapel were filled with gang members who had come, not for the service, but because it was the only time they could get together to conduct their gang business. When I’m drawing, I’m so focused that I rarely have any idea of what’s going on in the audience. So, after the service, I asked one of the correctional officers if the gang-bangers had been disruptive during the service. He shook his head and said: “Nope. They were all watching you.”

These hardened gang members will rarely pay attention during a sermon, but they sat attentively during my chalk art program. That’s no credit to me. It merely highlights the fact that, for whatever reason, chalk art can be so captivating that it quiets people down and focuses them on the message. Hopefully it does so long enough for the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts.

It has never been easier to become a chalk artist.

As you plan your homeschool curriculum, if you have a child who is artistically oriented, I would encourage you to seriously consider including Gospel chalk artistry in his or her educational plan. In today’s media-dominated society, I can’t help but believe that chalk art has come along “for such a time as this.”

James H. (Jim) Pence is a man of many talents. He is a former homeschooling dad, a published author, an accomplished singer and speaker, a performance chalk artist, and in his spare time he teaches karate, writing, and art to homeschooled children. You can learn more about Jim at his Website: jamespence.com. James also represents and blogs for See the Light. Watch Jim draw Jesus the Pilot here (scroll down and click on the video link).

Sources for Chalk Art Supplies and Curriculum

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2. Chalk Illustrated – www.chalkillustrated.com (quarterly chalk art e-zine)

3. See the Light – www.seethelightshine.com (art instruction and chalk art DVDs, video blog)

4. Golden Chalk Classics – goldenchalkclassics.blogspot.com (chalk art history)

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Publication date: November 29, 2013