Desire to Teach Own Child

Long before kids were a possibility in my life, I wanted to be home with them . . . raising my kids was of utmost importance to me before they even existed. In my mental plan, I would return to an awesome, satisfying, and successful career once they were school age. . . . I fell into teaching . . . at a private school,.  and my child could attend there, tuition-free! As I taught my students, . . . I made mental notes of what the kids liked and what helped spark learning because I wanted to teach my son this way. He was learning, just a few classrooms down the hall, but I was missing out on being part of his “a-ha” moments. . . . After 2 years, I began daydreaming about being home with my son . . . . The seed was planted and watered. . . . I prayed, . . . “I am sometimes very slow to recognize where You are pointing me to, Lord, so please, please make it so obvious a sign that I can’t miss it.” Towards the end of that year, the school announced it was closing after some 40 years! Imagine my shock. No job and no school for my kid—God does have a sense of humor. God is good . . . and for me and my family, that was the door opening that led us on our homeschool journey. ~ Liliana Hense, Palo Alto, CA

Special Needs Child

...A guest speaker talked with us about homeschooling. She made homeschooling seem do-able and rewarding. The Lord spoke to me through that veteran homeschooling mom, and I knew that my son would never go to public school. When my son was six we got the devastating news that he had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal disease that causes progressive muscle wasting. God knew that our son had this disease and we believe that He led us to homeschooling before we knew he had it. Our son suffers from frequent falls, inability to get up once he falls, inability to climb stairs, and an inability to run. That coupled with physical therapy twice a week would make public school a challenge. It hurts my heart to think of my child sitting on the ground and waiting for a busy teacher to notice and help him up. Our children belong at home and they deserve a God-centered education. ~ Angela Gilbert, Dierks, Arkansas

Talkative 6-Year-Old

We were heading overseas and were faced with the choice of boarding school, which we couldn’t afford, or the national schools. . . . We weren’t sure about homeschooling for two reasons: college and that oh-so-important socialization. I went to a picnic with a mom and her five children at our new church. I met her oldest son, who was very polite and talkative. I asked his age, and after he informed me he was 6, I asked if he was in first grade. “No,” he said, “we homeschool, so I’m in second grade.” For some reason, my first thought was “I’m going to homeschool.” After reading every homeschooling book in the library and talking to my new friend, I was discussing how to teach someone to read with my sister-in-law who had just gotten her elementary teacher’s license. Should I do phonics, or whole words, teach through word lists or what? She looked at me really funny and said, “You just follow the teacher’s manual.” I thought, I don’t need a teacher’s license to do THAT! That clinched it for us. To date, we have two children in college who have 4.0 GPAs, and wonderful social skills! Three more to go.~ Sarah Berke, Zamora, CA

Financial Reasons

...In August 2009, I lost my position (at a Christian school), which was our tuition. . . . So the first opportunity my husband and I had to discuss the facts, I mentioned that I could either get a part-time job, go to work full-time, or maybe we should consider homeschooling. He told me that he would like for us to begin homeschooling. . . . I just knew he would ask that I go back to work full-time. (Wow! Did he surprise me!) So we notified the school and withdrew them both. . . . About six months after we began our homeschool journey, all four of us realized that we absolutely loved this! . . . Homeschooling has been the perfect fit for our family . . . ; it has tripled our family time! It has deepened and strengthened our family unit, with one blessing after another! We are so thankful The LORD has made this change for us that was originally unexpected and unwelcomed. I don’t believe we would ever have changed what we were doing, had The LORD not done so. ~ Carrie Denham, Independence, Missouri