Child’s Health Challenges

God moved our family into homeschooling through our oldest son’s health challenges with asthma. The summer before he was to start kindergarten, a friend mentioned that they were homeschooling their children. This was a shock to us since we were pretty close friends and they had never mentioned it—a characteristic of those who home educated in the 1980s. Parents deliberately kept a low profile. . . . We reasoned that limiting our son’s exposure to other children and their germs might improve his health, so we decided to try it for a year. After just a few weeks, we were hooked. It was so much fun to witness the academic “firsts,” as he learned to read, do math problems, and comprehend the amazing world God created for us. . . . Our nineteen years of homeschooling were wonderful, difficult, exhilarating, and maturing years. We figured up one time that in the first nine years of homeschooling alone, we were privileged to spend an additional two and one-half years of waking hours with our children that would have been lost if they had left home for their schooling. Homeschooling allowed us to be full-time parents with full-time influence on our children. ~ Keith & Marcia Washburn, Fort Morgan, Colorado

Searching the Scriptures

...I had wanted to teach, or thought I did, but a gig as a substitute teacher showed me that I really didn’t like the ways of the public school system. So, if I was to be a teacher, who was I to teach? What was I to teach? Where was I to teach? As had become my habit, I began searching scripture. I saw that I was to teach my own children . . . the things of the Lord. The answer to “where” was not really answered as there was no specific “place” mentioned. It just said “as you walk along the way, or sit, or lie down.” I took that to mean in life in general. In scripture the families were together. My conclusion was that I was to teach my own children the ways of the Lord in a family setting/unit. I knew absolutely nothing about homeschooling at the time. Had never met anyone homeschooled or homeschooling. I just knew that was what the Lord instructed me to do . . . . Later I met the man that was to be my husband and father of my children. He felt the same way . . . . As there was no doubt in my mind that homeschooling is the Lord’s will, I have never had the question of “are we doing the right thing?” . . . If I put my focus on the goal of teaching the ways of the Lord, . . . and think of homeschooling as a way of life, it all works out and I know that I am in the Lord’s will. ~ Alissa Kiker, North Carolina

Desired a Christian Worldview

I think one of the main reasons why we felt led to homeschool had a lot to do with my own educational experience. I was raised in both public and private Christian schools, and neither of them seemed to fit the educational goals that my husband and I had for our own children. Even with church, Sunday school, and youth group, my Christian worldview was really lacking. My academic experience could have been better as well. I attended 3 different Christian schools, which each had their own positive and negative aspects. One of the biggest negatives was the homework load, and the fact that the teachers there, like in public schools, still have to teach to the ability of the average child. . . . I managed to keep my faith through my public high school experience, but I was not the example of salt and light that so many Christian parents hope their children will be. “Peer dependent” was my middle name, and something that followed me a while into my young adulthood. My husband and I made the decision to homeschool when our oldest son was very young. We wanted to give him and his brothers a better chance to focus on what God thinks rather than what their peers think. . . . We are learning the academics together, and more importantly, we are learning more about our Creator together. ~ Lisa Mandere, Redding, California