Critically Ill Child

At 14 months, Eric was diagnosed with leukemia in July of 1991. His sister was to start school that fall. We knew several families who homeschooled, and we had been praying about it. . . . Now here we were with a critically ill baby. The thought of trying to homeschool seemed overwhelming at that point. But we felt that it was something the Lord was calling our family to do. . . . In the end, Eric having leukemia became the deciding factor. We knew he would be healthier during his treatment if Emily wasn’t bringing home childhood illnesses from her classmates. So the decision was made: We would homeschool! But how? The unpredictable world of leukemia ran our schedule. . . . Instead of homeschooling at home, I packed a bag. Sitting in waiting rooms, emergency rooms, and hospital rooms, we “did school.” . . . It became something everyone looked forward to whenever a doctor’s visit was necessary. . . . Now I can see that from God’s perspective everything was in order and working as planned. . . . This taught us a valuable lesson . . . . When things get tough or even seem impossible—we don’t look for a way out. Instead, we ask the Lord to help us get His view, His perspective. He’s the best consultant available—and He’s always ready and willing to help. ~ Phyllis Sather, Avon, MN

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

...Rose became frustrated when the teachers in second and third grade would not let her do more work. The parents just complained about their kids. . . . I knew of homeschooling and have always been told I would make a great teacher. One day I was showing a group of my daughter’s Brownies troop how to do a math problem. I used angels as an example and one of the leaders said I could not do that. I said that the children were enjoying doing math with angels. She took her child away. Right then, I prayed to God to give me a sign that I could teach my daughter using God’s Word. Later that week on a website I found The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The Lord led me to homeschool. I signed my daughter out of school and we have never looked back. ~ Michele Morano, Brick, New Jersey

To Honor God

...I read about the reasons people were homeschooling their children . . . . What hit me hardest were the parents who said they homeschooled to honor God. After reading the scriptures and praying, these parents were convicted to homeschool their children to keep God at the center of their homes. I felt that conviction almost immediately after reading their stories. I knew the most important gift I could give my children was a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Would that happen if I let them spend 6–8 hours a day away from my home? Maybe, maybe not. Those odds were not good enough for me. . . . I am halfway thru our first year of homeschooling and the kids and I both love it. We have an opportunity to start our day with Christ without rushing out the door to school. I am sure this is what God had planned for us from the beginning. It just feels right!~ Heather Etcher, Berryville, VA

Personal Injury

...By the time I gave birth to my firstborn, my spine was falling apart. . . . Not realizing what there was for me at home, I took a part-time job in a bank with health benefits. I was beginning to lose sensation in my left leg because of the pressure on the nerves in my spine. I opted for more surgery . . . and then my scoliosis began to pry the screws out of my vertebrae and infection set in. . . . I was in so much pain I could no longer work. As so much fell apart around me, I realized how precious and few were the years with my child. What could I do with my life now that I had no job? Then it struck me—homeschool! . . . I didn’t know anyone else who knew anything about homeschooling. Honestly, I did a Google search. The Lord directed my path. Then at church there was . . . a veteran! She was (and is) so helpful, sharing her experience, and her resources. She doesn’t have a college degree, but my own degree doesn’t qualify me to teach, the Lord does. Not only did I suddenly want to homeschool, I knew I could! That was four years ago. Now I have the opportunity to teach my youngest how to READ! Nothing I ever achieved with my business career can compare to that! I was forced to stay home, but He was there all along with a plan... ~ Sandra Baron, San Jose, CA