Personal Public School Experience

When I became a Christian at the age of 15, the Lord led my family to a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church. . . . I had my worldview turned upside down! I actually became angry about all the lies the world had taught me . . . right in the classroom. I knew that if I ever had kids I wanted to homeschool them . . . to protect them from early sexualization, habitual disrespect for authority, rampant materialism, and many other things that were taught with force to me in the school system. . . . My church not only ran a good private school, it also supported a strong homeschooling community. . . . I was solidly sold on homeschooling now . . . [and] the Lord has shown me that everything He taught me about homeschooling is true. My children still have their innocence. God’s Word is being written on their heart. Our academics easily surpass the average public school classroom. I’m so glad God led me to homeschooling. ~ Katrina Carmack, Plainfield, Illinois

Exceptional Teenagers

The seed was planted about 4 years before it actually blossomed. I met a mom of two exceptional teenagers. I had never seen such well-behaved daughters who adored their mother and had servant hearts. . . . That seed began to slowly grow as I met other women who were home educators. . . . They all had a calm about them, unlike myself, as I rushed to and fro taking my preschooler and toddler all around the city. . . . My husband even joined the bandwagon and began to express his disdain for conventional education. . . . One of the moms said I could home educate my children, even though my husband worked 2 jobs, if I had a strong support group. So I began to research curriculum and the journey began. . . . The journey of homeschooling is not one that I would have originally chosen. It has been brutal to face myself each day. My faults are ever before me. I wonder if the Lord led me to homeschool to teach me how much I need Him to change more so than to actually teach my children about reading, writing and arithmetic. Even though it has been, and still is challenging, I wouldn’t have it any other way.~ Mahogany Murphy, Carrollton, GA

Many similarities have been shared here, in the overt and covert ways that the Lord orchestrates people and events that lead to the decision of home education. We have seen convictions mature to realize God’s intention that the family unit be undivided in learning, loving, working, and growing together. We have seen the vision clarified that God never intended for us to give our children over to an ungodly culture.

Why is God leading so many parents to take back the education and discipling of their own children? What is His purpose for the future? Well, I can’t pretend to know the unknowable future, but I do know I can find past, present, and future truth written in His Word. He desires of us what He has always desired. He wants children who are like Caleb of old, whose hearts are fully His. He wants Daniels who can take on a king and a kingdom and stand strong in the midst of ungodliness. He wants Josephs who, although they are falsely accused and put in places of confinement, are Godly examples of excellence and service to the King of Kings. He wants Shadrachs, Meshachs, and Abednegos who will not bow to the idols of the day, even in the face of death. He wants obedient Esthers who are not afraid to trust their God for miraculous deliverance. He desires Timothys who are bathed in the Scripture from infancy and ready to preach the Word and serve the Church at an early age.

God desires that the hearts of fathers be returned to their children and that the hearts of mothers come back home to be joyful mothers of children, so that a Godly heritage might be raised for His glory and purpose.

May His desire be our desire as we continue to keep those children Home Where They Belong.

Copyright, 2011. Used with permission. All rights reserved by author. Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine, Spring 2011.

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