Here is a poem I wrote JUST for you!

I am a little chubby,

My house is never scrubby,

Still we eat good grubby,

And the kids make it to the tubby (once in a while).

My hair is sometimes brushed,

And often we feel rushed,

The babies have to be shushed (if we DO make it on the occasional field trip),

But our homeschool spirits are never crushed!

Always someone with a runny nose.

The dish pile in the sink needs a pressure hose.

Look at all my wrinkled clothes!

But the love in our house grows and grows.

My house is the black hole;

Forget the toilet bowl.

In the mornings I look like a troll,

But we have heart and soul!

Sing it with me!

We have heart and soul!  [grin]

Did you like my poem? I made it up while listening to weird music the coffee shop is blaring. I think it served to inspire the quirkiness of the poem (if you can call it poetry—I tend to liken it to prattling babble). Anyway, so I was thinking about the lady who asked me how I "do it all" and I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if a lot of others are feeling bummed that they don't ‘have it all together’ or that they're just not well put together enough as a homeschool mom?” Perish the thought! Here, make a list if you need to. You want to be organized and that's a good thing. Being orderly is right and necessary. But don't beat yourself up if you can't do everything you think should be happening. That's where your list comes in. Make three categories, maybe something like this one of mine, below. We're talking priorities here. What's the most important, then second most, and then wishful thinking (but may be possible by 2019 or something). Okay, so like I said, here's mine. Now you make your own.

Heart & Soul Homeschooling: My List!

 A. Highest Priorities—Must Happens (And don't get me wrong—I fail here too.)

• God's Word and prayer daily in me

• God's Word and prayer daily in the kids

• Love my husband—treat him right as head of home and family and make sure he knows he's better than Superman and Batman put together.

• Relationship with the kids—are there clear channels of communication with each one? No barriers? If any walls up, break those down NOW.

• Halt everything and do "Talk Time" with anyone following me around staring/frowning with that "need-to-talk" face.

• Siblings loving each other (or at least I should be threatening that they'd better or else, heh heh)

• Some kind of food (preferably nutrient-dense) for everyone at some point (preferably three times)

• Schoolwork—is learning taking place even if at a slow and steady pace?

• Kids clean and teeth brushed with happy faces at bedtime

• House is sanitary enough in case health department stops in (they better not)

B. Pretty High Priority but Not Die-Hard  

• All school topics covered within reason

• Exercise to point where heart rate is up and muscles are being toned

• Tidy house, even the dishes all washed and couches exposed to daylight

• Decent meals (3 times) with more than one item on plates

• Read aloud with the kids, play games, maybe cook together, lengthy conversations throughout the day

• Sweep something, maybe even mop a floor and wash the tubs

• Friends who need help/counsel—be there  

C. Would Be Nice (Dream On)

• Take a trip to Greece to see ancient ruins and the Colosseum

• Fix the house up

• Clean my bedroom

• Dress to actually match