• Brush hair more than three times per week

• Have a yard sale and get rid of all this JUNK

• Roller skate

• Just for fun, let's see if EVERYONE can wear shoes today (even me)

• Create some sort of diet that makes sense (these things take time/planning)

• Watch a great film or a play in a real theater with Paul and the kids

• Go on a date with Paul and ditch the kids

So, yeah, I think I've droned on long enough, and I thank ye for staying with me up till this point. I don't have much more to say. In fact, I have nothing left to say. You already know what you've been called to do, and you're walking securely with the One who loves you most. He has your family in His Palm and your kids are doing fine. Are they perfect? Of course not. Whose kids are? Are you always dressed to kill and ready to throw open the doors of your home to any friend who comes knockin'? Three hot meals on the table with nary the nagging word, day after day? Do you bestow upon your husband a perfect love, greeting him each day paradisiacally with fluttering doe eyes and a sparkling smile? Not really? Okay, good; you're normal. So, strive for betterment always (wherever you're at on the journey); work on your list, taking care of the priorities (heart and soul, my friend!); and keep walking. Your Heavenly Father will never leave you. Walk with Him.

Love and hope,

Your heart-and-soul friend,


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