We need to be careful to not make major decisions during this time, such as decisions that will dramatically affect our children’s futures. Many homeschooling moms give up during this time of year, for the simple reason that they are overwhelmed and mistake it as a schooling issue instead of a personal issue. Let the season pass and the sun shine again, and everything will look different. 

Find ways to stay busy and keep your household going in a positive direction. You may not be the only person in your house who is struggling. One year I shared with my husband how I was feeling, and he surprised me by telling me that he gets the blues too. Why that shocked me, I don’t know, but I felt so much better knowing that I wasn’t the only one who was dealing with the winter blues. Find a friend who is willing to be honest with you, and make a point to get together. I have discovered that I have several friends who have experienced this same frustration after the holiday season. They need encouragement as much as I do.

Most importantly, seek God throughout this tough time. He has been my Rock (of course); I can always count on Him. The Bible is full of Scriptures about God wanting us to have sound minds, clear minds. Read His Word and let it be a healing balm to your weary soul. I have discovered that even during the times when I don’t want to read the Bible, if I will just pick it up and do it anyway, God will bless that time, and it will not be a wasted investment. There is life in His Word.

So, my friend, if this winter finds you weary and blue, take heart! The spring is coming! The sun will find its way back into your home and your life.

Change something; do something; visit someone; go somewhere. Live life like the blessing that it is.

Copyright, 2011. Used with permission. All rights reserved by author. Originally appeared in Winter 2010-11 issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, the family education magazine. Read the magazine free at www.TOSMagazine.com  or read it on the go and download the free apps at www.TOSApps.com to read the magazine on your mobile devices.

Debbie Slaughter has homeschooled her two boys for thirteen years. When she is not teaching, cooking, or cleaning, she likes to spend her time organizing her home, blogging, and having coffee with friends. You can check out her weekly journals at HomeschoolBlogger.com/2boysmom or HeritageCreek.blogspot.com.

Publication date: January 7, 2013