How quickly we have moved from nappies and preschoolers, etc., to teenagers and preparation for the big, wide world! It has really taken us by surprise. This year Joshua will graduate with his ICCE (International Certificate of Christian Education) General Certificate (the equivalent of UK GCSE O’ levels). He is then planning on spending much of 2011 in Germany. He will be living with some former missionary friends, working and learning the language, before starting sixth form College in the UK, at age 17, nearly 18, in September. Meanwhile, the rest of the family will be remaining here, on the mission field that God led us to more than sixteen years ago. Thanks to homeschooling, we have been able to remain faithful to God’s call to be His ambassadors in the land where atheists once proclaimed to the world: “There is no God!”

It would be misleading to say this journey has been without heartache, without challenges and disappointments. It might sound strange, but every painful experience we have had has been the result of our lack of knowledge about the goodness of God. He’s been immensely patient, longing to bless us and to use us to bless this most needy nation.

Sar Wakeley loves to worship her generous, faithful, gracious God and to tell others about His almost too good to be true love! She has a sweet, loving, gentleman of a husband and five fabulous kids, all homeschooled here on the mission field in Albania, Eastern Europe. We have fun running in the park together and planting olive and fruits trees on our land. You may contact Sar via email ( or on Facebook (Sar Wakeley).

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Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine, Winter 2010-11.

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