Peter wearily tossed the net back into the water just as he had done dozens of times the night before; only this time, a multitude of fish swam directly into it. He summoned for his partners and soon they joined him in the draw. An instant replay took place in Peter's mind, "At thy word, I'll let down the net . . . of course, Lord . . . I'll gladly let down the net . . ." One moment he's "toiling all night for nothing" and the next he's "filling all the boats." Faithful obedience makes a difference.

You believed in your heart that the Lord called you to homeschool your children. You have toiled over curriculum, library books, schedules, routines, responsibilities, devotions, grades, record-keeping, tests, study habits, and work space. Some days you will think it has all been for nothing. Have faith and be encouraged, my comrade. The one who called you to "launch out into the deep" and then said, "let down your net, again" will reward your faithfulness with a catch that will astound you. When you're weary and the results seem predictably negative, take a deep breath and go at it one more time. Your faithful obedience to His word will transform your seemingly wasted toil into a major miracle.


Timothy Palla is the pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in the Lucasville/Minford area of southern Ohio. He and his lovely wife, Jennifer, homeschool their five children; Drew, Dane, Aidan, Ethan, and Meghan. You may contact him at

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